TEEN WOLF AU: Lady Wolfpack.

Some say they’re just an urban legend: a band of misfit women cemented together by the power of the moon. Some say they’re witches, or vampires, or just odd little humans who take pleasure in rumors that stretch beyond the truth. But there are those who know better: those who know what it means when they hear these women howl. Any of these women can withstand double the pain as any male of their species: how could any other pack stand against them? If you can’t beat them, join them—or stay the hell out of their way.


brokendream • White Collar, faceless.


brokendreamWhite Collar, faceless.


#well that’s the role of a lifetime if i ever saw one


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"When I Bite Into A Cronut" — a poem by Matt Bomer.

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"Should I apologize or leave? I’m gonna leave."

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus for Atlanta Magazine


Belle (2014)

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